How To Find Vendor ID & Product ID

Every USB device comes with two identity numbers – the Vendor ID and the Product ID. These two numbers can be used to track down the manufacturer and the specific device driver. The Product ID is the most unique identifier for a device. Hardware ID’s can be less specific. Product ID is what gets accessed first during setup.
  1. Open Device Manager from…

    • Control Panel – System – Hardware – Device Manager (Windows XP)
    • Control Panel – System and Maintenance – Administrative Tools – Computer Management – Device Manager (Windows Vista & Windows 7)
    • In the Run box type devmgmt.msc. (All Windows)

  2. Unknown devices would be listed as such and marked out with a yellow question mark.

  3. Device Manager

  4. Select the unknown device and right click to access Properties.

  5. In the Properties window click on Details tab and select Device Instance Id from the drop down.

  6. Unknown device Properties

You will see a code like this: USB\VID_0451&PID_2136&REV_0100 is the identification marker for the device.
Here 0451 is the Vendor ID and 2136 is the Product ID